What's Coming To The One Piece Card Game!

 The One-Piece TCG is coming to Gecko Cards!

So we've compiled a calendar of release dates, and where to find them on our store, so you can keep up to date with one of the fastest growing Trading Card Games (TCG's) we've ever seen!

If you want to see more information, or secure an order of any of the releases listed then just click our handy links (the underlined text) below!

This list starts from August 2023 and will run for future release that we have release dates for!

So far, we've seen the release of:

  • Monkey.D.Luffy Starter Deck ST08
  • Yamato Starter Deck ST09 (n/a)

So far, we can also get excited for:

  • Double Pack Set Vol.1 (DP-01) (Releases: 22.09.23)
  • Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Display (OP-04) (Releases: 22.09.23)
  • Official Monkey.D.Luffy and Daevil Fruits Card Cases (Releases 22.09.23)
  • Official Sleeves 3 (Releases 22.09.23)
  • Gift Collection 2023 (GB-01) (Releases: 27.10.23)

Playmat and Storage Combo Box Sets with the following themes:

  • Shanks
  • Trafalgar Law
  • Portgas.D.Ace
  • Nami
  • Eustass 'Captain' Kid

All of the above also release 27.10.23!

Next up, we'll be seeing: